Sunday, March 21, 2010

Parking in the pregnant lady - really?

Pregnant ladies should have little signs for our cars that simply say - "Please park correctly, I need the space to maneuver."  I was at my new OB's office and sure enough some jackhole parked so close to my door I couldn't get back in my car. Now, I know it could have been my perception (as in the guy was parked correctly, I'm just bigger but I'm not going with that). I am sure it was entertaining watching me crawl over the passengers side of the car into the drivers seat. The best part....he walked up to his car and got in as I was doing this. I'll be honest, I hope he feels guilty. 


B said...

When I was pregnant we took a ferry and I was walking between two lines of cars when I got stuck.. Seriously stuck.. This guy was sitting in his car and just laughing at me.. I had to go up on my toes.. and lift my belly all the way up and wiggle through .. so embarrassing.

Julie said...

Oh, Candy, I've been there! I remember one time, I was at the point of tears over it since I was blocked in on BOTH sides. Keep in mind, it doesn't get much better once you have that GINORMOUS infant carrier to get into the car. It'll almost make you want to parallel park!

Anonymous said...

Candy some people are just jerkoffs! When I was pregnant with my youngest child I went to the store only to step out of the truck (which was hard enough to get into pregnant anyways) and stepped right into a hole in the parking lot- I of course fell down and scraped my hands and knees- this guy was right in front of me and didnt even ask if i was ok or offer to help me up or anything- i was clearly 8 months or better pregnant! such a jerk!