Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm sorry, we don't do business with pregnant women.

I have been a victim of discrimination, or so I have been told. Recently, I made a dentist appointment for a cleaning at a new place. (My teeth are fine, I just needed someone to kick me in the but about my lack of flossing.) I showed up at the appointment and started to fill out my paperwork, I went to the receptionist desk and said - "I am 28 weeks along so do you have an x-ray shield big enough that will cover my stomach?" The cute blonde receptionist looked at me horrified and said, "Oh no, we don't see expectant mothers at all, we'll have to reschedule your appointment until after the baby is born. It's unsafe." This was news to me, so as I walked to my car, I called my OBGYN and asked if it was unsafe and if I was already a bad mom for wanting clean teeth. Their response was was hysterical. "What dentist office was this? I am calling them right now, that's ridiculous! How dare they!? We strongly recommend dental care during pregnancy, you can get x-rays, cavities need a new dentist! "

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