Friday, February 5, 2010

Maternity Swimsuit Shopping - Ugh

 Potter and I are taking a trip soon that requires swimwear. This is another chapter in a woman's life that is simply not fair. Maternity Swimsuit Shopping. I don't care how confident you are, it's not fun. Sure, there will be those mamma goddesses out there that view this post as superficial. Duh. Of course it is! It's bad enough when we go regular swimsuit shopping, now we have a round gut to deal with.
 The odd part is that there's a fine line between looking like a big girl in a tiny bikini or a pregnant chick. This is the one time you actually want to look pregnant in a swimsuit. You will turn to a very good friend and say, "I look pregnant in this right? Are you sure I look pregnant?"
 I do recommend maternity consignment stores, even for swimwear. There are a few in Charlotte like WOMB that are super cute.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cat, Cow, Kegel

 I have been taking pre-natal yoga classes and highly enjoy them. At first, I was all cocky thinking this is going to be so frickin' easy, we can't do any of the hard moves! Ummm yeah, not so much. What I did not count on is the fact that you get bigger but the moves stay the same. Before you dismiss it as an easy workout, prenatal yoga is what happens if regular yoga hooked up with weight lifting after a drunk night at Whiskey River and had a baby. I know the class is going to be challenging when I hear the instructor say, "Now make room for the belly on this one."
 It's no secret, men think women who do yoga are hot. They have this visual of us wearing a tong bikini and doing downward dog in front of a tropical waterfall. And yes, that is exactly what it's like - unless it's a bunch of mom's to be then it's less graceful. We get hot faster, our balance changes daily and we suck down more water than a sea sponge. But even-though we aren't a "yoga fantasy" come true, we are hard core.  Do you think that sounds ridiculous? Talk to the blonde who was next to me today. She's a week and half past her due date and still doing full backbends in an hour long class.