Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is that a manatee?

I recently went to Florida on vacation. It was kinda sunny but not beach weather at all. One kinda warmish day we ventured outside to experience the hotel pool. Ecpecting it to be freezing, we took the jump right in approach. Little did we know the outdoor pool was heated. Apparently, they don't feel the need to post that type of information, so inorder to have the pool to ourselves, we acted like it was cold everytime some other poor soul would step outside into the wind and rain. Are we bad people? Maybe. But we had a massive heated pool to ourselves. 

During our swim I realized two things....
1. Maternity swimsuit shopping is cruel and unusual punishment.
2. I felt graceful eventhough I'm pretty sure I looked like a manatee. 


Tracy said...

Isn't it crazy how much better you float when you're pregnant? I was in the eight feet section at the pool camping last summer and looked like I was standing up. The water was only to my shoulders. Plus, it feels great to have that weight off of your feet and back!

Kim said...

I've never been obese, but always curvy (Rubenesque, as my best friend from high school said). I loved being pregnant because I was SUPPOSED to be fat! Luckily, I didn't get big all over, and the weight was mostly just my bump, which was gigantic but adorably round by the end! I never had to wonder if I looked fat that day, since I was supposed to look big every day - so liberating!