Sunday, March 7, 2010

Little girls are snotty early on aren't they?

I went to visit one of my only girlfriends that has kids. When I walked in she says, "The 18 month old is going through a clingy phase right now so she's...special." When the dictator adorable little girl woke up from her nap, she wouldn't let mom out of her sight. And if mom walked around the corner, the screaming and tears would start insantly. MAMA,MAMA,MAMA! She also had to be held by mom or dad at all times. I thought I might be able to break the spell by bribing her with chunks of fresh banana bread. As I would give her some, she'd eat it and turn dramatically away as if to say, "Ew, you're gross, I can't even look at you."  She would also give me these evil eyebrows from across the room. It was very clear she'd didn't like strangers in her house so close to her mama. Of course the parents were used to this regime and just laughed it off. But I'm convinced that she knows exactly what she's doing. If you believe in reincarnation - picture the hot chick in your high school with the snotty attitude. Now picture her in pigtails and a Dora t-shirt on.

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