Sunday, April 18, 2010

I knew i felt BIG ! It's go time!

I went into the dr today and they said, hmmm when was your due date again? I said May 8th, they said no. How about today? I'M SORRY WHAT?! Apparently, my due date as been off and due to decreased fluid (I won't get into it) they decided to induce this weekend. After 24 hours of little sleep, I have been told I sept thru contractions. (Because I am pooped already from doing the show at 3am.) I have also been told I am too comfortable so they have manually broken my water (again I won't get into it). I have learned several things during my first hospital stay.
1. Food on call 24-7 is pretty sweet.
2. Getting a prenatal massage before I was admitted was the best idea I ever had. EVER.
3. Always bring chocolates from the nurses, they have given us special attention and even called us "the fun people in the room on the end."
4. There are no stupid questions.

More updates later if I can still type


jacqueline said...

Congrats on the baby boy! I love his name:)

jrobards said...

Candy and Potter - I saw your new baby photos. He is absolutely beautiful! Ryan's sister had her baby on April 15 and yours on April 17...gearing me up to have mine in June. It sounds like mama, papa, baby and family are all doing well. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from a listener in Charlotte! I sure miss you guys on the air here (the other girl STINKS) but so happy to see you are doing wonderful! You baby boy is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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