Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Ultrasound Tech is not "Miss Personality"

When I switched Dr's in Seattle I needed a new ultrasound so they could compare it to my old ones. I went into the appt. the tech did her thing and Potter got to see the ultrasound process for the first time. [He missed the other 2 due to work and being sick.] The day before, I was trying to talk him out of coming. You'll be bored, there's so much to do, do something else, go to a movie, I swear you are not missing anything...He insisted - so he came. The tech dryly says, lay down, this will be cold and squeezes the goo on the bump. I say, "You don't have a goo warmer?"She looks at me straight in the face and says, "it's not necessary." OK, Miss Personality. I also asked her if the office did 3D ultrasounds as a form of chit-chat because I had already had one. She said "no, we don't do 3D ultrasounds as a form of entertainment." WOW. How can you be so cranky when you are dealing with mostly excited new parents on a daily basis? I know we ask a ton of stupid questions but at least we're fun! By the way, Potter didn't hear Miss Personality - he fell fast asleep after 10 min.

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