Sunday, January 17, 2010

You Look All Pregnant and Shit

I now believe pregnant women receive the most backhanded compliments than another human. It's not the other persons fault, sometimes they don't even know they are being RUDE. Recently, a women who knows Potter (baby daddy) said, "Ohhh, don't you hope it looks like him?" Ummm hello? Are you saying my gene pool is defective?
 The compliments are just different when you're about to be a mom. For example, any expectant mom will tell you clothing shopping is a whole new self esteem experience. Yeah - yeah, you're growing a human being, hitting the gym and watching what you eat for the sake of your little one BUT you want to look as good as possible. You want to show off your legs and your newest accessories that suddenly make men more polite. (READ: GIGANTIC TA-TA'S) Is it vain? Hell yes. But it's true, you want someone to say, "You look fantastic!" Even if it is a dirty guy at the gas station and he's talking to your Grand Canyon of cleavage. 
 I was at one of my favorite stores (Ross) and I took a few dresses into the fitting room. When I came out to do the twirl in front of the "big mirror" the attendant was checking me out. I thought I looked OK but this is what happened next. 

HER: Nuh uh babygirl, don't get that...
ME: No?
HER: No, that makes you look all pregnant and shit.
ME: Well hell, we wouldn't want that.
HER: No offense...I'm just sayin'.
ME: Actually, I am 5 months pregnant.
HER: Oh! OK then, work it mama!


allier said...

Oh man! That is pretty terrible what the woman said. I felt I had to share that my experience was similar when I was pregnant. People have a lot of nerve! I was 30 when I was pregnant with my first son. I look young and people used to point at me and comment on how bad the teenage pregnancy has gotten. People also wanted to touch my, no. People wouldn't even ask before touching my stomach. I wouldn't even think of touching a strangers belly. Hang tough...the reward at the end is worth more than anything you could ever imagine.

Cristin from Mooresville said...

I remember feeling big and ugly, but I always look at pregnant women and think "Oh, she looks so BEAUTIFUL!" What a lack of tact on that sales clerk's part! Whether you were preggers or not, that was tacky to say!
And you might want to think about buying a few things for the little one earlier than later, just in case baby X ends up changing his/her due date unannounced! Miss you guys on the Link. God bless the three of you!!! (or 4, counting your gorgeous puppy. ;-)

Heather said...

I had the butt guys hitting on me..I didn't blessed with the big boobs til after he was born but boy did I get the baby behind..didn't have too many tummy rubbers, just some people at work. Nows the time though to sign up on the huggies and pampers websites....and get your coupons..I had all my diapers bought up. And the formula companies will send you samples, so if you decide to do formula you'll have some to try or if your b/ can be back-up. BTW congrats!!!!

Brad and Hailey said...

That's nothing. I was constantly asked if I was sure I wasn't having twins. At the gas station, a guy actually waved me down ("Excuse me, maam!") because he really felt the need to tell me, "That baby's about to fall outa you isn't it?" I was told I would never lose the baby weight (just what every prego woman wants to hear). And my personal favorite, my own grandmother at my baby shower announced, "She's put on weight!"

Duh. I'm pregnant. and majorly swollen.

Congrats btw!
- Listener of your show

Michelle said...

I don't know what it is about people that think they can say WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT to a pregnant woman. Get used to it...people do that when you go out with a newborn, too. When my daughter was 3 weeks old I headed out to the mall for my first "trip" out. I had a C-section, it was the middle of January in Michigan, I *needed* to get OUT of the house for my sanity. A lady asked me how old my baby was and then proceeded to tell me it was too cold to take a baby that little out. Excuse me but shut the hell up!!! Some people.... you just gotta laugh!! (then tell 'em off!! hehe)