Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas in Cincy

4 1/2 months - Christmas in Cincinnati has been great so far. Potter's mom is sick so she won't go near me but it's OK. I decided to take my diet into my own hands on the drive out and pack salads to eat. Even on the road, I cannot bring myself to eat a chicken sandwich. Ehck. It was hilarious watching Potter order a huge cheeseburger and I was sitting there chowing down on my little salad. I am sure some people were thinking, "Oh she's one of those girls." Speaking of food, I am waiting for the cravings to hit but nothing so far. I do kind of miss sushi. 
 We just opened gifts and stockings - it was a marathon! Somehow people got my memo, no baby gifts please. It's not that I'm not grateful but I have no storage and don't know what I need or want for the kid yet. I did get a few baby books from a friend and I love books so that's OK. My gift from Potter was amazing. Not to gush but he's pretty kick ass. Shopping and New Year's Eve in Chicago! See pics of our getaway here here -

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