Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nope, Not May

 I have been told not to show this pic to anyone over 55 - it creeps them out. My due date has been pushed up to late April and I have not purchased 1 baby thing. I don't think I will until March. BTW - That's almost 2 weeks earlier than originally estimated. From now on I think they should just give out "Due Weeks" so we first timers are better prepared. I did get the anatomy scan done, Potter was sick so he missed it. Going to the OBGYN in 2010 is like a health class every visit. A little scanner can show so much! During the live DVD portion of my visit, I saw the babies heart pumping blood, the bladder and lungs working - it was amazing. 
 I told the tech, we don't want to know the sex. She said, "I can edit out the stills but not the DVD and trust me, everyone will see a penis on anything anyway." She explained even if it's on the forehead some knucklehead will say, "That's his thing right there!" So basically, if I really want to know, I can watch the DVD. I brought it home and Potter immediately took it and put it in a envelope and made me sign the back so I can't break the seal without his knowledge. Little does he know I already replaced the DVD with Paul Blart - Mall Cop so if I really feel like watching it, there's nothing he can do. I am sure seeing a penis on my child's forehead is better than Paul Blart.


Doc said...

I think it's a great picture... I amire you guys for not wanting to find out the gender. We couldn't wait so we had to find out.

Red said...

It's illegal in the UK for a doctor to tell you the gender of your baby because some cultures "prefer" one gender over another.

Everyone I know had big hints dropped at them like "I hope you like pink".

Donnie said...

Just wanted to let you know one of the best and biggest consignment sales in the area is coming up in March in Mooresville and they have GREAT stuff. Everything you could possibly want for a baby. Of course you will want new for some things but with all a baby needs you can get some really great deals on like new things. Wish you the best!!