Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Announcement

This week we are telling work and announcing a “new member to the show” on Friday. One two people in the office know and they have promised not to say anything, however, they both said they are horrific secret keepers. That is not what you want to hear! Each day we thought it would be fun to give out clues on the air about who our new show member was. Some of the listeners got it right away and others thought we were re-hiring old co-workers. Finally, we announced I was expecting by having our intern read an Oscar envelope of the name. She read it an said, "Really? You are? You don't look it." She got a hug for that and if I could give her extra credit on her internship, I would have. 
 I also pulled a fast one on Potter. He didn't get to attend many doctors appointments so he hadn't heard the heartbeat yet. I recorded it during my last visit and sprung it on him. His eyes got huge and he said, "what is that...is...is that our baby?" [No, I broke into some other woman's appointment and said, "Can you hush for a sec? I need to record your child's heartbeat."] Needless to say, he was shocked and teary eyed. Everyone was so cool about it, our radio family was more excited than my biological family!

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