Friday, September 18, 2009

Rookie Dad

I thought up of fun ways to tell Potter he was about to be a dad. He favorite thing ever is cookies. Not Macaroons or Ginger Snaps, I am told those are the cookies of the devil but soft chocolate chip cookies. So after absorbing the news of pending parenthood, I went to the store to pick up an obscenely large cookie and pink and blue frosting. I decorated it with two question marks and put it on the counter. He was at the gym and when he came home he said what’s this? I said oh, it’s a present. He looked at it and said ohhh cookie....wait, why is there frosting on it? I told him to pick a side - pink or blue? He suspiciously asked, why? I said, I don’t think it will determine the sex of the baby but it might. He was shocked and cried, “Really?!” After I got the first congratulatory kiss, he shouted, “My boys can swim!” Seriously?

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